Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers in Karachi at the family law firm, Al-Meezan Law Associates help you through the tedious task the divorce / khula.

Islam has given the right of divorce to every adult male and females, but at the same time Allah is showed his dislike towards the act of divorce, but still in case of incompatibility or other issues you decide to divorce your spouse, Al – Meezan Associates professional divorce lawyers in Karachi are here to help you through, provide consultations and walk through the courtroom proceedings on your behalf.

Al-Meezan Law Associates helps following ways:

  • Draft Divorce Deed as per Pakistani Laws.
  • Acknowledgement of Service of Divorce Deed.
  • Application to the Concerned Union Council for registration of Divorce Deed.
  • Representation before the Union Council for Confirmation of Divorce.
  • Obtaining Confirmation of registration of Divorce from the Union Council.
  • Obtaining Confirmation of registration of Divorce from the Union Council.

The expert divorce lawyers at Al-Meezan Law Associates, Karachi, Pakistan act as your council, help you to go through out of court settlements in order to avoid tedious and expensive court room proceedings.

Call us in case you need help – our first priority is to help you to maintain your married life and live happily with your life partner. Our councils take care at every step to reduce tension between the parties, but ease of the trauma of divorce for the divorcing couple and their families.

About Us

The complexity of the legal system and the malafied intentions of select legal professionals have resulted in injustice. This has deprived the common man and the poor from the rightful justice and hence, the people of Pakistan have lost their faith in the legal system. The people are being forced or are threatened by the powerful or the resourceful people.

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