Child Custody

Guardians and Wards Act of 1890 constitute the framework of safe guarding the interest and wellbeing of children in Pakistan. Children are the most hurt part after divorce or in an event of separation of the parents. 

Disputes that arise after divorce, separation, the death of parents or any other issue in relation to custody and upbringing of the children are important legal matters relating to the parenting and welfare of the children. The courts deal with these matters with iron hand. 

Almeenzan Law Associates, family law specialists help the parents or the guardian is child custody cases, by ascertaining and helping the courts in making the best possible decision so that the proper justice can be served to the children facing trouble. 

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The complexity of the legal system and the malafied intentions of select legal professionals have resulted in injustice. This has deprived the common man and the poor from the rightful justice and hence, the people of Pakistan have lost their faith in the legal system. The people are being forced or are threatened by the powerful or the resourceful people.

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