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Criminal Law

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If you have been subject to fraud, or has someone taken away your belongings by force, through theft or dacoity? The criminal lawyers in Karachi at Almeezan Law Associates can help you. We are professional group of lawyers who have taken up the task of seeking justice for the grieved. For the people who have lost their valuables through the misdeeds of the others. The Criminal Law Firm – Almeezan takes care of your criminal law case proceeding till justice is served. Best Criminal Law advocates who can help through your civil court, high court and Supreme Court cases.

 Karachi criminal lawyers help you through:

  • Fraud cases
  • Cheque Dishonor
  • Intentional deception of a person or business
  • Commercial Fraud
  • EOBI Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Theft, Robbery
  • Fire Arms

About Us

The complexity of the legal system and the malafied intentions of select legal professionals have resulted in injustice. This has deprived the common man and the poor from the rightful justice and hence, the people of Pakistan have lost their faith in the legal system. The people are being forced or are threatened by the powerful or the resourceful people.

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