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We Are The Best Law FirmLaw Associates in Karachi-Pakistan

We have built over service approach upon a commitment to excellence. We already fully equipped, vastly season experience, true to over client’s interest and work in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the profession.

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Family Lawyer

Pakistan is a family oriented country. We are all aware of the family values, its right and obligations, yet, breach happens in certain households. You need a family lawyer, then, to help you through such family disputes and conflicts. In case of divorce, khula, child custody, alimony or even in case of court marriages people need to get in touch with expert, honest and dedicated family lawyers who can handle their cases smoothly and help them achieve their desired results. We at Al-Meezan Law Associates have a dedicated penal of trustable Family Lawyers who have the knowledge, skill and expertise to handle your family law cases as well as maintain secrecy of your family life.

Immigration Lawyer

If you are seeking new frontiers, wanting to explore opportunities abroad by migrating to USA, Australia, UK or any European Country or are seeking admissions abroad Al Meezan Law Associates help you in this quest. If you have failed to obtain VISA due to visa rejections, we at Al-Meezan our immigration lawyer’s panel fight your case with the immigration authorities and try to obtain your immigration, visit or study visa, helping you in obtaining immigration visa. Al-Meezan Law Associates provides expert and honest Immigration consultancy to its clients helping them to build their careers abroad. 

Property Lawyer

Have you deprived of your right to retain your property or have you been deprived off your right to ownership due to improper ownership contracts of land, business, machinery, or home. Get in touch with Al Meezan Law Associates, Karachi, Pakistan. Property lawyers at Al-Meezan will leave no stone unturned to fight the legal battle for your right and help you to retain your ownership. We deal in all sorts of property cases including rent, forceful occupation, land grabbing, purchase or sale of property.

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We have large number of clients and we cannot list them all however, for the sake of convenience with regard to our services few references are mentioned for perusal.

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The complexity of the legal system and the malafied intentions of select legal professionals have resulted in injustice. This has deprived the common man and the poor from the rightful justice and hence, the people of Pakistan have lost their faith in the legal system. The people are being forced or are threatened by the powerful or the resourceful people.

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